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International asset management

The Liechtenstein Financial Centre has a long tradition in international asset management. With its pronounced legal certainty, the financial services sector is geared towards building sustainable and long-term client relationships. Liechtenstein is therefore an ideal location for international asset management.

Reliability and precision

The demanding educational standards required of everybody working in the financial sector create a highly trained and motivated workforce in the financial services sector, able to fulfil the exacting requirements of an international clientele with precision and flexibility.

EU compatibility

Asset management firms in Liechtenstein are regulated in accordance to EU legislation. They are subject to auditing due to Liechtenstein’s European Economic Area membership. In a simplified notifications procedure, asset managers based in Liechtenstein can obtain a concession to offer their services in the respective countries of the EU.

Supervision by the FMA

Asset management firms are supervised by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA). Investor protection is one of the key responsibilities of the FMA as it ensures that trust in the Liechtenstein asset management sector remains strong.


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